The Hive

Our Pastoral Team, including our 1:1 Learning Support Assistants work in 'The Hive'. Their role is to provide support and guidance to children and those engaged with them, to help identify any barriers to a child's learning and then work with the child to remove the barrier so that the child can effectively participate in school life.

Class Teachers can refer a child for pastoral support when they identify a behavioural or emotional need which requires additional support from that already provided within the classroom. Mrs Campbell or Mrs Kirk will then work with the child, either on a 1-1 basis or within a small group.

If you have any concerns about your child's behavioural or emotional needs you can discuss these with Mrs Campbell or Mrs Kirk and together agree if additional support would be appropriate.

The needs of a child are individual but some of the common issues supported by our team include:

Worry Monsters or Worry Boxes

All classes have a 'worry monster'  or 'Worry Box' they can use to share their worries. The class teachers read the worries, and will either speak to the child themselves, or share the worry with Mrs Campbell or Mrs Kirk (ELSAs)