School Meals

All of our children in EYFS, Y1 & Y2 receive a free hot meal in school every day. The children in these year groups may also bring in a packed lunch from home if they prefer to do so, although we do encourage the children to take up the offer of a hot school meal each day.


Children in Y3 upwards can choose to order lunches at the reasonable price of £2.55 a day on our Weduc system, or they can bring in a healthy packed lunch from home.

Our school meals are cooked onsite in our school kitchen by Leicestershire Traded Services (catering).  

School Food Primary Menus


The menu has been analysed by an LTS senior dietician and meets the current government Food Standards. 

The menu is accredited with the Food for Life Gold Catering Mark which guarantees:


Packed lunch guidance

The information below about packed lunches is in line with the government guidance for school lunches. We encourage healthy lunches, and teach the children in school about a balanced diet.


- Suggested packed lunch items include:

Items NOT permitted in packed lunches:

All children need their water bottle in school every day, to enable them to keep hydrated throughout the day.

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