Claire Wilson

Claire Wilsher
Beech Class Teacher

Julie Henshaw
Beech Teaching Assistant

James Headley
Beech Teaching Assistant

Alison Bailey-Whittingham
Beech Teaching Assistant

Jessica Sparano
Willow Class Teacher

Marie Smith
Beech Teaching Assistant

Harpreet Saggu Willow Teaching Assistant

Charlotte Parkin Deputy Head/Maple Class Teacher/SENCO

Mandy Humberstone Maple Teaching Assistant/Breakfast Club and Midday Manager

Rachel Tipper Maple/Chestut Class Teacher

Leona Dutton Chestnut Class Teacher

Julie Archer
Oak Teaching Assistant

Kimberley Halford
Ash Class Teacher

Sue Woodland
Chestnt Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor

Nicola Ashby
Midday Supervisor/
Sycamore Teaching Assistant

Adam Taylor
Sycamore Class Teacher
KS2 Lead

Laura Clark
Oak Class Teacher

Marion Butt
Ash Teaching Assistant

Claire Jarvis
Sycamore Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor

Lisa Grieve
Office Manager

Joanna King
Administration Assistant

Tim Mason
Premises Officer

Dominic Butt
Midday Supervisor

Laura Bradburn
Cook Supervisor

Liz Parnell


By Law a school is required to have a Governing Body. Governors of a school are a group of people who help to lead the school. They make policy decisions which make the school run smoothly and they help to shape the vision, ethos and direction of the school.


Debbie Phillips

Safeguarding Governor

Alasdair Walker
Vice Chair

Anti-Bullying Governor

CW - Declaration of Interest.docx

Claire Wilson

Charlotte Parkin
Staff Governor

Kate James

SM - Declaration of Interest.docx

Stephanie Mayo
Parent Governor

Jo Owen
Parent Governor

DH - Declaration of Interest.docx

Diane Hartley
Vice Chair

Past Governors

Dominic Sims Retired January 2024
Liz Dunn, Retired November 2019
Jonathan Morgan, Retired January 2020
Louise Proudman, Retired  August 2020
Andrew Robinson, Retired August 2020
Emma Clouston-Jones, Retired July 2022
Elizabeth York, Retired July 2022
Charles Twort, Retired July 2022
Pamela Parkin, Retired July 2022