Sports Premium

The dedicated primary PE and Sport Premium which was announced in March 2013 and began the following September, goes directly to primary schools so that they can decide how best to use it to provide sporting activities for pupils.

Primary schools around England are using the premium to:


Vision for Physical Education

Our vision is to ensure all children have access to an exciting PE and Sport Curriculum that will stimulate and promote positive attitudes.

We aim to:

-   Improve fitness, health and well-being

-   Promote active participation through inspiring and varied activities

-   Allow each child to fulfil their potential

The way in which we will allocated the money and measure the impact of our Sports Premium will appear below:

Evaluation of Sports Premium Funding 2022-23.pdf

Evaluation of Sports Premium Funding 2022-2023


PE and Sports Grant Funding: Planned expenditure for 2023-2024