Launch Days and Landing Days

Each new Learning Question/topic at Burton-on-the-Wolds starts with a big, ‘wow’, inspiring day to capture the children’s interests and ‘hook’ them into their new learning. We call these Launch Days.

These days can be trips or visits to a place of interest, a visitor may come into school to work with the children, we may dress up to teleport ourselves into the past or to another country or, we may inspire the children with a series of workshops and activities in school such as dance, cooking or drama.

Communication and working with parents/carers is vital for all our children’s learning.  Each unit of work finishes with an end product, something which we call a Landing.  These 'Landings' are an opportunity for parents and carers to come into school and be involved with their child's learning.  These days can range from an opportunity for parents to look at the children’s books with their child at the end of the day, to a performance to a tea party – the list is endless!

The key messages from a Landing event are: 

involving parents in their child’s learning, 

the child being able to share their learning, discussing what they have learned, why and how

children feeling valued, 

communication between staff and parents is improved, 

it completes a topic with a clear end point rather than the learning just tailing off.